Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Thousand Years.

Boyfriend and I have watched Breaking Dawn Part II yesterday. It was such a wonderful movie! Perhaps my favorite scene's when Jacob went *transformation* So, this is my true form he says and he looks really hot then yay hahahot! Just kidding. 

Anyways, I'd found this wonderful song, worth sharing. Right now, I'm in a stage of living where decision making seems to be really hard. Mixed emotions, pressured, random factors, consequences and rewards. I think I got to take the saying everything will be happening for a reason. God I trust you and whatever happens I'll praise you.


  1. Team Jacob!!! He is indeed very hot! This is a very nice song. It's only now that I heard it. Praise be to God! :-)

    Just liked your FB page. :-)

  2. omg I loved the movie, best thing ever, the end with this song was so amazing!!! - oa

  3. Nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check my post here:

    1. Thanks for the nomination dear! :) Will make a post about it. xoxo!

  4. Havent watched Breaking Dawn yet! :'(

    Love the song you posted!! :) So nice!

    The Misty Mom

  5. I still haven't the movie

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  7. Breaking dawn is a must see movie, you will lose half of your life if you don't watch it. I love the music video " A Thousand Years", I got a flashback on what I've watched.

  8. like Jacob,too,and the heroin in the Twilight part1, when she was still a school student.

  9. What an amazing song, I have never really liked twilight haha, but I am glad you enjoyed it(:

  10. Nice posting and amazing song .... happy blogging......

  11. Love the song!! It is amazing.

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