Amazing Encounter

We stayed at Kanpo no Yado in Ichinoseki City, Iwate. It was a Japanese style hotel. We had our traditional Japanese dinner again and again wore Yukata or the traditional sleeping wear then slept on a "futon" bed. Also we experience public bath Indoor and Outdoor or known as “Onsen”. It was very hot about 40 degrees yet it was soothing and really relaxing. On the next morning the usual routine starts, daily temperature check and of course a buffet breakfast. From Sendai Airport we flew to Osaka. A stewardess asked where and why we’re travelling, somebody responded like we’re goodwill tohoku ambassadors and so on.. I think they’re pleased to know it that they’d actually gave us complimentary postcards and candies, Thank you ANA Airlines for your kindness and hospitality! It was a notable flight indeed. We finally reached the beautiful Kyoto. We’d took lunch on a restaurant named Royal Pulse and had a luscious meal. Then we finally moved to Kyocera Headquarters.

Kanpo no Yado in Ichinoseki City
I'm not a breakfast person,  so yea! I don't usually eat breakfast perhaps only a coffee to sip will keep me up until lunch. Except on a fact that I wasn't at home and I woke up too early. But I am very much enjoying breakfast since the Programme have started. I always love doing new things and so I'm having fun using chopsticks! I love oranges too! 

japan, royal pulse restaurant
Royal Pulse Restaurant. I love the salad and everything! Very Satisfying.

Kyocera Corporation supplies environmental friendly products worldwide. The company’s goal is to contribute to society by developing environmentally friendly products and technologies with economic benefits – such us solar modules and pollution-reducingmfine ceramics components.

An audio guidance system was given upon entering the museum. We were well-informed about their history, sustainability as well as their financial stability. I was very impressed with the museum tour where I saw fine ceramics; the museum showcases the growth of Kyocera's fine ceramic technology. It displays information about ceramic materials and relevance which includes history, technological advancement, evolution of fine ceramics and how fine ceramics have become universal. There was also a Kyocera Museum of Art located in the ground level where I saw Japanese paintings, fine ceramics pottery and some sculptures. 

It was about 6:00pm when we arrived in Kyoto Royal Hotel and Spa to check in and we had a 30 minutes rest. Then, we were oriented for our home-stay and given a chance to prepare for a our cultural presentation before moving to a restaurant for a dinner. 

japan, chion-in temple
Chion-in Temple is a huge temple and also one of the oldest temples in Japan. I actually downloaded an application in apple that allows me to read info like a self-guided tour in Kyoto so here it says, It is the headquarters of Jodo sect of Buddhism. It host the largest temple bell in Japan and contains many historic art treasures. How I wish I had the chance to get inside. 

Gion District
Walking in Gion District  a place in Kyoto known for teahouses, old-style Japanese buildings and where geishas or maikos can be seen quite often.  On our way to a restaurant for dinner, I was hopeless to see a real geisha that time and I really didn't however I did enjoy the decorative lanterns I saw which they'd actually used as advertisement for some restaurants.

Gion District
A Restaurant named Gion Maruyama Kagaribi, Maruyama is a park in Gion and Kagaribi means Bonfire. (Restaurant Info)
A wonderful dinner xperience of tofu cuisine and sakiyaki. 

Kyoto's traditional industries include Kiyomizu-yaki (Kiyomizu Pottery), one of the kyoto-yaki wares (Kyoto pottery wares). The product requires craftsmanship and spirit of highly-skilled artisans who are trained in traditional techniques. I though this pottery ware which I used in drinking tea is a wonderful example, I am very impressed.

Overall, It was a learning and such an amazing encounter worthy for a good rest and for another amazing day to wake up! 


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